Full Chakra Healing and Karmic Energy Treatment Program

7 week program includes 7 sessions
Heal and balance all seven chakras and clear any karmic patterns you want to finely break from the past, negative events, certain relationships and past lives. Programs vary from three levels. Also includes teas mantras, diet regimen, prepared bath mixture with healing chakra oils. Find out what level may be right for you. Will restore clarity and your peace of mind. Will manifest healthy patterns and relationships in your life again.

Seven in person healing sessions time ranges from 30-60 mins depending on time to heal energy and chakras. 

Chakra Basic Tune Up Treatment

$210 / 30-45 minute session.
Will help you feel more balanced and recharged wether you have had a draining day or just want to feel more grounded.
Will work on one chakra of your choice or Claudia can feel which chakra may need to be opened. Will not replace the chakra programs but if you just have one blocked Chakra or just need a energy boost this will Do the job!
One treatment session.
(note: no regimen or tools are included just one balancing treatment included)


Crystal and Stone Programing

Can customize any stone or crystal for your needs. Can be very important for mediation, energy protection, house or room blessings and more... May bring in your own crystal or stone to be programmed or charged. Can also share with me the intensions of the crystals or stones and I can provide a stone or crystal for you with that specific energy for your intensions and goals!

May be also added to 7 week full chakra healing program or Karmic release healing treatments.
Contact for more information and rates.

Karmic Release

Spiritual Healing Treatments
Call or contact Claudia for rates and and to find out how long of a program needed.
All Karmic release treatment programs are custom made to fit your own specific needs.
Also can be added to 7 week Chakra program if needed.
Often wonder why you keep attracting the same situations and relationships even though the characters change? Karmic Release helps you release whatever you have been holding onto that is no longer serving you. Sometimes we know exactly what that is and other times it is revealed during a session. Whatever the issue may be, Karmic Release helps you let go of the pattern and past and forgive yourself. Examples may be if you are needing to let go of an old relationship that is hindering your progression, vows made in
past-lives, releasing abandonment issues, not feeling good enough, insecurities, judgments, fears, and cords.