Chakra Spiritual healing Program 


Chakra and spiritual healing will help  you release whatever you have been holding onto that is no longer serving you. Sometimes we know exactly what that is and other times it is revealed during a session. Whatever the issue may be,  Chakra Spiritual healing helps you let go of patterns and past and. Examples may be if you are needing to let go of an old relationship that is hindering your progression or  want to take your current love relationship to the next level but cant seem to get there. Vows made In past-lives can block you in Releasing abandonment issues letting go insecurities fears and cords. blocked chakras and  energy can also cause disruption  in our love relationships and even our daily life's. Career or even our goals feel or seem more further away from becoming successful. you may even start to feel alone and disconnected from the universe and ourselves. Claudia is a highly powerful healer and along with your spirit guides she can heal your energy and balance all 7 chakras to be back your natural balance in your life again. Claudias methods are safe, effective and useful in getting rid of all toxic or negative energy you may be holding on to.

you will feel more like your self again and will begin to heal the mind body heart and of course the spirit !

this is a energy based and natural healing program that will include 7 treatment sessions to fully balance your energy and all 7 chakras.

Claudia uses sound therapy , light therapy, crystals, sage, teas, oils prayers and mediation to heal you spiritually   





Crystal and Stone Programing

Can customize any stone or crystal for your needs. Can be very important for mediation, energy protection, house or room blessings and more.Crystal or stone can  be programmed or charged. Can also share with me the intensions of the crystals or stones and I can provide a stone or crystal for you with that specific energy for your intensions and goals!