I am Psychic Empathic , Energy Worker and Life Coach. This means that I can see and feel other people's feelings , thoughts , intentions  and can connect to your spirit to give you direction and  understanding In all aspects of life. As a energy worker this means I can feel  your energy and the chakra system to know if your balanced spiritually to attractall you want  out of your relationships, love life , prosperity, Career , family and more. Also as a life coach I can teach you and motivate you to take back your power and to further your goals with much success.I take great pride in my ability to help and guide others and will provide a clear sense of direction and advice to heal, balance and grow! I was naturally born with this ability but also have done munch studying  and research and I have a strong grasp of how to connect to the spiritual realm.

I Specialize in the healing of  broken relationships , career issues

family problems , chakra inbalances

*Family Problems 

*Chakra imbalances 

*Past Life Cords & Attachments 

*Soulmate Relationships



Hello my name is Claudia